U.S. preliminary dumping our strand to make a final ruling is expected in March next year
Ministry of Commerce of the information displayed yesterday, the U.S. Commerce Department recently released on exports to the U.S. I use steel wire prestressed concrete structures preliminary anti-dumping, dumping margin of Chinese enterprises identified 37.72% -193.55%.
Among them, the mandatory respondent companies Jiangxi Xinhua Metal Products Co., Ltd., voluntary enterprises involved in Wuxi Jinyang Metal Products Co., Ltd., the average corporate tax rate Fasten (000,890, stock it) Group Import and Export Corporation's dumping margin of 151.44 percent, respectively, 37.32% and 151.44%, not responding to the dumping margin of 193.55 percent business.

Accordingly, the U.S. Department of Commerce instructed U.S. Customs will impose on the people involved cash guarantee or bond, in March 2010 is expected to make a final anti-dumping case.

In addition, the U.S. Commerce Department also announced the countervailing case for my Bricks preliminary results that need to continue the investigation in addition to two projects, the Chinese producers and exporters have only been Bricks trace subsidies, so I temporarily magnesium carbon brick countervailing duties.

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